July Picture of the Month

Check out the new Pictures of the Month! How could I resist?  We all know Lebron loves the Yankees, and for that we have to love him. I personally believe there is a good chance he goes to the Nets. Let’s look at the possibilities,, with no extra charge for basketball analysis.

The Clippers– I just don’t believe he has any interest in them, he let them come just for courtesy. Sure they have a few young talents, but not many of them have proven anything. Also, they will still be the “other” team in LA.

The Heat– This really first depends on Wade. If he’s not there, Lebron’s not there. However, if Wade stays, I still don’t believe he will go, why would he want to be in a town where he would seem like #2? This is Wade’s town.

The Knicks– I’m on the fence about if it would make sense for Lebron to go here. It’s the largest market and he could take over “The Mecca of Basketball” at Madison Square Garden. But they have almost no players. It is reported that Amar’e will sign there, but he’s just one player. Besides Stoudemire, there’s just Gallinari and Wilson Chandler. Those are really the only guys that I would want to play with on the whole team! So I just don’t see Lebron coming to NY.


This is where the choices seem to be serious choices…

Chicago– If Wade is there, I just don’t see it happening. It seems like Lebron would want to be the center of attention. Without Wade, this makes so much sense. He gets an outstanding group of supporting players with Rose, Noah and Deng. Add Lebron, that’s already two or three Championships. Also, it’s a large market. Maybe not as big as NY or LA, but still one of the largest. The coach might not help though, Tom Thibodeau. Lebron wants a coach who played in league, but I would assume just a good overall coach would do, and Tom is neither. Overall, this makes so much sense assuming Wade reruns to Miami.

Cleveland– Ah, Home Sweet Home. There is one main reason to stay here. It’s his home, how could he leave the area he grew up in, without even bringing them a championship?  Some people say Byron Scott will have a big impact, but it just doesn’t seem huge to me.

Then there was….

Brooklyn– I use Brooklyn because it seem like a major selling point for Jay-Z and Prokhorov. Lebron said Brooklyn is his favorite boro of NY, but it probably won’t have a huge impact in his decision. He should like the future new stadium, but MSG should be just as impressive if not more. He will get the same attention that he would get if he went to the Knicks, because he is still Lebron and they will still be NY. Now look at the surrounding team that’s already in place. Devin Harris is an above average PG, Brook Lopez is one of the top young centers, and they got Derrick Favors at PF. I’m not sure if Favors will start, because there are rumors the Nets are interested in Bosh or Lee.

It seems like a three-headed race. Nets, Cavs, and Bulls. They both have huge plus’s and minus’s. We will just have to wait and see as Lebron takes pretty much the whole world hostage. Cities, Tv’s, Radio, and everything else.

Well anyway, give me your best title and caption for the picture!

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State of the Yankees, Catchers (2010 Trade Deadline Edition)

It seems like the season just started, but the trade deadline is quickly approaching, with a little more than a month left. There have been minor deals involving smaller players and prospects, such as the Russell Branyan trade, but no rush of big, juicy deals. The Yankees are always a big player in the trade market, at least in terms of rumors. This year, they are lucky that there are not a large number of continuing injuries to their key players. Sure there are gaps, but what team doesn’t? None of them! Well, unless you ask Peter Gammons about the Red Sox (I keed, I keed).

Over the next few days, the Canyon will release a series of posts that address the current state of the Yankees at each position. It will examine the health and success of the starter, aptitude of the backups, depth in the minor leagues, and any possible prospects that can arrive this year. If they appear to have a need at a position, possible targets will be discussed.

So without further adieu, let’s step into the Canyon Medical Center office and have a check-up of how the Yankees look. And why not start with the field general, the catcher!

If someone said Jorge Posada would go down with an injury in the off-season, there would have certainly been worry. Sure, Cervelli did a fine job last year offensively, especially since he was never an offensively-able catcher in the minor league, but nobody would have believed he could repeat that success. Well when that time occurred, ‘Cisco was not too horrible. While he shown he can be passable for least a short period of time, there is no evidence that the kid can do it for a full season. Sure he has done it both this year and last year, in a small sample size, but the majority of his at-bat have been scattered. It gives the hitter an advantage because a smaller, less consistent amount of footage and scouting for the opposing pitcher.

But, you have to say, Cervelli has shown he can be a good backup and at least a passable fill-in should an injury occur. Should Jorge not be able to catch for the rest of the season, and Jesus does not come out of hiding, Cervelli should be at least better than a Chad Moeller.

So, now let’s get to the Big Cheese. Sir George, Jorge Posada. Every Yankee fan knows and loves him, but he’s getting old. Yes, his offense is right on-par according to his home runs, average, and on-base ability. But, who knows how many games he can catch for this season, or for the rest of his career?

Jorge’s defense was never good; it could be described as poor. Statistics aren’t needed to show that it’s bad. But when Georgie Juices the ball like he does, I guess defense takes a back seat. While the possibility of his defense becoming unbearable is certainly possible, it won’t happen overnight or likely this season, unless his injury causes it.

The main worry of Jorge’s defense should be how it impacts his body. His foot has already been injured, which has prevented him from catching for a large part of the season. So it is understandable to sit Jorge for a large part of this season. However, if the Yankees decide to relegate Posada to the DH spot for the majority of the season, then another catcher might be needed.

The catcher trade market is never plentiful and is always expensive. It’s not as if the Yankees need a long-term solution, there are plenty great ones coming up. Just like always, there are few, if any, cheap catching targets that would be an upgrade over ‘Cisco.

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AL All-Star Coaching Staff

One of the perks, or hassles depending on how you look at it, of winning the World Series is coaching your league’s All-Star team in the game, in addition to partially assembling it. There are various techniques that managers use to choose who will appear on the roster. As for the coaches, there is no real way to determine who deserves to be on the team. The manager of the stadium’s team is always on the roster. In addition, another highly regarded manager, who is usually on one of the best performing teams, will be on the roster. So let’s have at the 2010 American League All-Star coaching staff.

Girardi kept his promise and brought number 27! (Image Credit: Yankeeschick.mlblogs.com)One of the perks, or hassles depending on how you look at it, of winning the World Series is coaching your league’s All-Star team in the game, in addition to partially assembling it. There are various techniques that managers use to choose who will appear on the roster. As for the coaches, there is no real way to determine who deserves to be on the team. The manager of the stadium’s team is always on the roster. In addition, another highly regarded manager, who is usually on one of the best performing teams, will be on the roster. So let’s have at the 2010 American League All-Star coaching staff."Hey, whatchatalkinbouwillis?" -Mike Scoscia (Image Credit-Yahoo News)

As expected, Mike Scioscia gets the nod to be on the staff, for the third time. In 2003, he was the manager. This time, it was almost guarantee that Girardi placed Scioscia. As stated before, the manager whose team usually appears in the stadium always gets chosen. There are a handful of more reasons to select Mike. He is regarded as one of the top managers. The Angels don’t always assemble a team that appears to have the ability to compete. However, Scioscia still finds a way to compete. Look no further than this year. Experts were expecting the Angels to finally fall from the top of the AL East. Yet, there the Angels are, one game behind the Texas Rangers for the AL West lead. Look at their roster this year. The starting third baseman, who is replacing a very good Chone Figgins, is Bradon Wood. Wood, who is currently injured, is hitting for an average of .156 and an on-base percentage of .168. The stats show that there is he is not hitting nor walking. Scioscia also lost his ace and the only replacement he received was a pretty good Joe Pineiro, who only broke-out last year. Even with Pineiro struggling, with a 5.23 ERA, the Angels are still just a game back in their division. He stresses defense and playing hard, which has been successful for them.

"Hey, do ya know what Willis said? Mikey S. is on my back about it" -Bob Geren (Image Credit: Ben Margot /AP)

The other manager that Girardi selected was a little less definite. Bob Geren, currently the manager for the Athletics. Geren has never appeared in an All-Star game. The A’s are having a pretty good season at three games above a .500 winning percentage and one and a half games behind the leading Rangers. Geren has to receive some credit for the team’s performance since Brett Anderson, possibly their best pitcher, is injured.

While there is no problem with the Geren selection, Joe Maddon seems like a wiser choice. The manager of the Rays is leading his team to a MLB-best 39-20 record. He does this with a small payroll, but a loaded farm system. Maddon is regarded as one of the best managers, and partially receives credit for turning the Rays into an elite team.

Joe Girardi, like any All-Star manager, will bring the rest of his coaches with him to help out. Therefore, Mike Harkey, Mick Kelleher, Kevin Long, Tony Peña, and Rob Thomson will join Girardi. Dave Eiland is also mentioned as the staff for the game, but he may not appear depending on his “personal matter.” The head athletics trainers for the American League team will be Ned Bergert, of the Angels, and Rick Griffin, from Seattle.

The National League All-Star coaching staff will be headed by the Phillies’ Charlie Manuel. The other managers invited for the senior circuit’s staff will be Bruce Bochy, from San Francisco,  and Bud Black of the Padres. In addition to the rest of the Phillies coaching staff joining Manuel, the trainers of the Marlins, Sean Cunningham, and Rockies, Keith Dugger, will be present.

While the coaching staff doesn’t seem like an important piece of an All-Star team, it instantly gained importance when the All-Star game decided home field advantage in the World Series. Don’t get me started on the home-field advantage debate.

Canyon of Heroes will continue its coverage on the All-Star as news is released. It seems like the All-Star game is very far away, but beware, objects in your rear-view mirrors appear closer than they appear.

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Find Yourself!

Sorry for the lack of Yankees related posts, I have been trying to finish adding thhe features of the blog and working out the kinks. The find yourslef page, and widget to the right, is a map of the world with differently colored circles, ranging fromy yellow to red. The yellow circles represents less areas of the world that have visited the Canyon. The red circles contain areas of high amounts of readers. Any color in between red and yellow are somewhere in between, depending on the shade of orange it is. The same idea is used for the circle size, larger groups of visitors get larger circles. Enjoy the feature, and remember to help dominate the map!

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Depth Chart

Just like the former post, this is simply to announce that the depth  chart is refined and updated. For the chowderheards, The depth chart displays where the players rank at the positions that they play. In the near future, more minor leaguers that are close to the big leagues will be added to each position. It’s a handy tool to have to examine the depth of the team and where the players rank. Use it wisely young padawans.

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Picture of the Week/Month

This one is pretty self-explanatory, but I’ll give a short explanation  for any Red Sawks fans who might be here. Every month, or week, the will be a new picture for you viewing pleasure. Depending on the news, events happening, and other stuff, a new picture will appear will a short explanation. It does not have to be simply a Yankees player, for example, it could be a famous person wearing Yankees apparel. Feel free to send any pictures that you like to me and it will be considered for future use.

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RSS Feed

Since most of the noteworthy rounds of the draft are finished, this blog will become its normal self. There will be a mix of prospect grades and rankings, Major League topics, and pointing out some of the features at Canyon of Heroes.

The first one will be the RSS feed. While the casual  computer user probably does not utilize it, I know I did not until this blog, but it is a great invention. Once you subscribe to the blog, which can be done by clicking “Follow the Parade Down the Canyon of Heroes,” which is right above the map on the right side, and then clicking “subscribe.” What the RSS feed does is collect new posts from all of your subscribed feeds, almost every website you read will have one, and combines it into one list of post. This could be achieved by following one of the many guides on the interweb. In adiditon, for those people with older or slower computers, it will load quicker since there are less visuals. Enjoy!

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