George M. Steinbrenner III Passes Away

Yet another Yankee legend has died, in addition to being one of the greatest managers ever. Late in the evening yesterday, “The Boss” suffered a massive heart attack at his home in Tampa, Florida. He was rushed to the hospital where continued to fight. However, at about 6:30 in the east this morning, George lost his battle and died.

I have heard sat despised Mr. Steinbrenner, mostly citing his willingness to spend money. However, it seems like they are just jealous of The Boss’ lust for winning. In reality, he just wanted to impress his father. He wanted to win, and be a winner. Money wasn’t a problem, it was the available players that would take his money. He expected everyone to share his desire for winning, and everybody to approve his moves. If The Boss liked you, you were set for life. He loved his family, and wanted to be loved and adored by everyone. There are so many great stories from his life that can be discussed. Rest in peace George, a god among boys. P.S. I am sorry the delay and lack to paragraphs, there are technical difficulties that are preventing them. However, there should be larger spaced between paragraphs.

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