July Picture of the Month

Check out the new Pictures of the Month! How could I resist?  We all know Lebron loves the Yankees, and for that we have to love him. I personally believe there is a good chance he goes to the Nets. Let’s look at the possibilities,, with no extra charge for basketball analysis.

The Clippers– I just don’t believe he has any interest in them, he let them come just for courtesy. Sure they have a few young talents, but not many of them have proven anything. Also, they will still be the “other” team in LA.

The Heat– This really first depends on Wade. If he’s not there, Lebron’s not there. However, if Wade stays, I still don’t believe he will go, why would he want to be in a town where he would seem like #2? This is Wade’s town.

The Knicks– I’m on the fence about if it would make sense for Lebron to go here. It’s the largest market and he could take over “The Mecca of Basketball” at Madison Square Garden. But they have almost no players. It is reported that Amar’e will sign there, but he’s just one player. Besides Stoudemire, there’s just Gallinari and Wilson Chandler. Those are really the only guys that I would want to play with on the whole team! So I just don’t see Lebron coming to NY.


This is where the choices seem to be serious choices…

Chicago– If Wade is there, I just don’t see it happening. It seems like Lebron would want to be the center of attention. Without Wade, this makes so much sense. He gets an outstanding group of supporting players with Rose, Noah and Deng. Add Lebron, that’s already two or three Championships. Also, it’s a large market. Maybe not as big as NY or LA, but still one of the largest. The coach might not help though, Tom Thibodeau. Lebron wants a coach who played in league, but I would assume just a good overall coach would do, and Tom is neither. Overall, this makes so much sense assuming Wade reruns to Miami.

Cleveland– Ah, Home Sweet Home. There is one main reason to stay here. It’s his home, how could he leave the area he grew up in, without even bringing them a championship?  Some people say Byron Scott will have a big impact, but it just doesn’t seem huge to me.

Then there was….

Brooklyn– I use Brooklyn because it seem like a major selling point for Jay-Z and Prokhorov. Lebron said Brooklyn is his favorite boro of NY, but it probably won’t have a huge impact in his decision. He should like the future new stadium, but MSG should be just as impressive if not more. He will get the same attention that he would get if he went to the Knicks, because he is still Lebron and they will still be NY. Now look at the surrounding team that’s already in place. Devin Harris is an above average PG, Brook Lopez is one of the top young centers, and they got Derrick Favors at PF. I’m not sure if Favors will start, because there are rumors the Nets are interested in Bosh or Lee.

It seems like a three-headed race. Nets, Cavs, and Bulls. They both have huge plus’s and minus’s. We will just have to wait and see as Lebron takes pretty much the whole world hostage. Cities, Tv’s, Radio, and everything else.

Well anyway, give me your best title and caption for the picture!

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