Hello world!

Hi, this is my first blog and first post. The blog is going to be about all things Yankees; nothing is off limits, so watch out A-Rod! Everything from the MLB Draft to the sweet stroke of Jesus will be discussed. The Draft is coming up on Monday, so expect some coverage to that.

Now I bet that you are wondering, who is this great guy who just started a blog? Well, I’ve been a Yankees fan for my whole life. I was born with pinstripes in my blood. I’m a big fan of the younger players, such as Hughes and Cano. I’ve been to plenty of Yankees games and miss the old stadium very much. I tried to make a plan of what I thought the new stadium should have looked like and if I could find it, I will upload it.  For those who belong to Dailysportspages.com, I am the beast known as “Beast Montero.” Also, my real name is not Matt Montero, even though that sounds like a kickass name. In case some of you guys thought it’s a coincidence, it’s not. Montero is a reference to the Beast himself, Jesus.

The name of the blog is pretty straight forward to me. It celebrates the rich history of the Yankees with one of the greatest players ever, Babe Ruth.

Over the next couple days, there will be a couple of posts highlighting some of the features of the blog. In addition, I will share my favorite projected picks, scouting reports, and maybe even an all new Mock Draft! After the draft, you can expect a projected 2014 roster, grades for the draft, and a top prospects list. After that, the blog will take form to its normal self of daily article about Yankees, possible Yankees moves, and any other juicy and exciting news.

So, enjoy the blog! And y’all come back now.

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2 Responses to Hello world!

  1. James says:

    Looks like good shit!

    – joba the beast

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