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AL All-Star Coaching Staff

One of the perks, or hassles depending on how you look at it, of winning the World Series is coaching your league’s All-Star team in the game, in addition to partially assembling it. There are various techniques that managers use … Continue reading

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Find Yourself!

Sorry for the lack of Yankees related posts, I have been trying to finish adding thhe features of the blog and working out the kinks. The find yourslef page, and widget to the right, is a map of the world … Continue reading

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Depth Chart

Just like the former post, this is simply to announce that the depth  chart is refined and updated. For the chowderheards, The depth chart displays where the players rank at the positions that they play. In the near future, more … Continue reading

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Picture of the Week/Month

This one is pretty self-explanatory, but I’ll give a short explanation  for any Red Sawks fans who might be here. Every month, or week, the will be a new picture for you viewing pleasure. Depending on the news, events happening, … Continue reading

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RSS Feed

Since most of the noteworthy rounds of the draft are finished, this blog will become its normal self. There will be a mix of prospect grades and rankings, Major League topics, and pointing out some of the features at Canyon … Continue reading

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Draft Do’s and Don’ts

Everybody excited for the draft? I know I am! With that said, I put together a list of Do’s and Don’ts for Damon Oppenheimer and the Yankees brass. Do’s Draft high potential players, even high school I’m a fan of … Continue reading

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Mock Draft 1.0

There are plenty of baseball “experts” who try to predict the MLB draft. However, there is no surehanded way of predicting the draft. The only way to choose a logical pick for each team is to examine each team’s individual … Continue reading

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